5 Mushrooms You Should Be Adding To Your Skincare Routine (Even If You Don't Like Eating Them)

The humble mushroom has had a beauty rebrand. Once viewed in the West as a bulking foodstuff, the fantastical fungi has become a big hit in the search for sustainable skincare ingredients. From biodegradable packaging to its incorporation into footwear and clothing (yes you heard us correctly), mushroom's stocks are certainly on their way up. While this soil-grown superhero started turning heads in the mainstream skincare scene last year, its success among both natural-beauty lovers and science

Chanel's Latest Beauty Look Is An Education In Modern Feminine Punk

Pick any beauty look synonymous with a decade throughout history, and you're likely find its influences running throughout the wider culture. The look of this decade? If Chanel's Cruise Collection 2021 is the bar against which we measure the mood of this era, the new roaring Twenties are set to be characterised not by the glamour of its predecessor, but by a channeling of rebellion. For Chanel creative director, Virginie Viard, the ghosts of bygone punks seemed to stir once again

Zara Is Launching Its First Make-Up Line And It's So Joyful

It's time to grab a mask and your biggest tote bag (or a cup of tea and your debit card if shopping à la maison is more your style), because Zara just announced the launch of its first ever make-up line this month, and you're going to want a piece of the action. Yes, you read that right: on May 12 the high street's resident cool girl is branching out into a whole new territory - Zara Beauty. If you're imagining the high-end look for high-street prices that characterise the rest of the Zara brand

How To Master A Centre Parting (Whether You Care About TikTok's Opinion Or Not)

While TikTok weaponised the centre part as the ‘young and hip’ hairstyle in the Gen Z vs Millennial battleground (we’re still recovering from the laughing emoji being dubbed terminally uncool), the AW21 shows also gave their nod of approval to the trend. Centre parts were accompanied by wet look hair at Dries Van Noten, Sharon Tate-inspired braids at Etro and sleek blunt cuts at Chanel. While other trending styles may overcomplicate things (throwback zig zag partings we're looking at you)

George Northwood’s new hair range UNDONE

Anyone who has tried to master the trend of Parisian sexy, undone hair knows it is in fact, the opposite of effortless, and often requires you to strike the difficult balance between “just woke up bedhead” chic and “I haven’t slept in three days” texture. Thankfully we can finally wave goodbye to hair envy; George Northwood, the man behind some of the world’s most coveted do’s (read: Alexa Chung and Meghan Markle) has masterminded his new UNDONE range, inspired by his signature natural style wh

All you need to know about Dior Beauty’s new record-breaking lipstick collection

Let’s be honest, masks or no masks, our desire for beautiful lipstick has stood the test of time. Dior consistently delivers in the lipstick game, so it is no surprise their Rouge Dior Lipstick currently holds the spot as the #1 best-selling lipstick worldwide. The new Rouge Dior collection has already reached dizzying heights in China. After launching in September 2020, Dior secured a new record in December for number of lipsticks sold in one month and now sits as the number one cosmetic product

Are You Ready To Meet Squish? The Beyond Cute New Beauty Brand

Do you ever find yourself exhausted with the infinite options of white jars and exceedingly complicated ingredients? Do you wish your skincare routine could just be more fun and less fuss? So do we. Enter the most exciting beauty brand of 2019: Squish. Yes, you read that right. The super-cool, conscious new beauty brand masterminded by author, model and body positivity activist Charli Howard already has us eagerly clearing space on our bathroom shelves. Squish’s aesthetic brings back the cheri